Daniel Nicolae Dubei’s Biography

Daniel Nicolae Dubei is a Romanian born composer who now resides in New York City with his wife and three daughters. Composing for the piano, strings, saxophones, and orchestra, Daniel brings a lively, elegant romanticism to his compositions.

Inspired by his daughter’s violin practice, Daniel composed a string quartet named after her, calling it String Quartet #1 “Alannah”. He recently composed his first piano sonata in a classical style and is exploring twelve tone harmonies and melodies in his second piano sonata. He also composed an art song based off an Emily Dickinson poem entitled “I Reason.” Daniel is fascinated with infusing jazz into classical much like George Gershwin. Daniel composed a short, energetic piece entitled “Burning’ Bright in B” for a trio consisting of a violin, piano, and upright bass. He is currently working on several jazz band pieces, a third piano sonata, and starting up his first symphony.

This creative output was sparked by a conversation with a friend in January 2017 who was impressed with Daniel’s passion and enthusiasm with music and encouraged Daniel to do something with this passion. Before 2017, Daniel focused on raising his children. He had composed some music over the years, including a saxophone quartet in high school he performed with his friends at the last concert of the year his senior year. He also composed the wedding march for his wedding in 2005. Daniel followed another professional path after high school having obtained a master in library science degree and professional librarian jobs.

Daniel is finishing up his bachelor’s in music at City College of New York before deciding on a Master of Music Composition program. He will study composition with the European American Musical Alliance in Paris this summer, a program that will greatly expand Daniel’s knowledge of composition. Daniel has been taking private composition lessons from Harry Stafylakis, a New York City based composer who is the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Composer-In-Residence.

Daniel enjoys a conglomeration of music that ranges from classical to operas to classic rock and some modern popular music, but where his heart truly lies is in the tragic romanticism of Tchaikovsky, the sheer intensity of Shostakovich, the wondrous immensity of Wagner, the brilliance of Beethoven, and the magnificence of Mozart. Daniel’s compositions follow in these well trodden footsteps with the hopes of providing an enjoyable escape to music in a troubled world.